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Welcome to Stonebridge Valuation in Tacoma & Pierce County

At StoneBridge Valuation, LLC, Brianne Tyler, MBA, CPA, CVA provides business valuation and consulting services to small and mid-sized private companies in Tacoma and throughout Pierce and King County. We serve attorneys, CPAs, business brokers, and business owners, acting as an experienced, multi-accredited member of your team to assist in complex matters and the valuation of your enterprise.

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Assistance for Complex Proceedings

Whether the client case involves divorce, shareholder and estate disputes, or probate, StoneBridge Valuation, LLC provides expert testimony in conjunction with business valuation services in Tacoma. This allows us to provide organized evidence utilized by attorneys in court.  

Our services extend to: 

- Pension Valuations
- Divorce Financial Services
 -Business Valuation
- Accounting Reconstruction for Estate/Probate Disputes
- Estate and Gift Tax Planning (Qualified Appraiser and Appraisal Standards formed by the IRS)
- Financial Benchmarking
- Valuations for Sale Transaction/M&A Purposes
- Certain Lost Profits Analyses, Lost Wages, Damage Calculations and Other Torts

StoneBridge Valuation, LLC is a boutique valuation and consulting firm that utilizes an innovative approach with our attorneys and clients. We take the time to establish relationships with clients and are committed to personalized service. We understand the impact objective valuation can have on your personal and business finances. As a member of your team, we provide experienced consulting services, offering an independent point of view required for a successful case. 

Why Choose StoneBridge Valuation, LLC

As a Tacoma valuation firm, we provide our clients with the benefits of strong worth ethic and unique flexibility for all situations. We take the time to ensure that each client receives individualized attention, to better provide the services they need. Brianne Tyler of StoneBridge Valuation, LLC believes in diligence and accuracy to ensure you have all information required for your unique case. As both a CPA and a CVA, she has the skills to provide reasonable solutions to problems her clients face. With advanced training, expertise, and financial acumen, StoneBridge Valuation, LLC offers our clients a standard of excellence backed by our dedication and due diligence. 

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We provide expert business valuation and consulting services in Tacoma and the surrounding areas of Pierce and King Counties. StoneBridge Valuation, LLC is committed to providing expert services with client-affordability in mind. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.