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Divorce Financial Services

Divorce Financial Services

Divorce is a difficult time. Typically, when a small business or professional practice is part of a family's net worth, it can often times be one of the more complex assets to value. There are many reasons for the complexity involved, the most obvious beginning with the differences from state-to-state regarding state statutes and state case law. Other issues may include the appropriate standard of value, marital versus separate assets, personal and enterprise goodwill, potential double-dipping, personal perks, pass-through income, and the tax effects of settlement opinions.

During our initial consultation, we will address the valuation issues you are facing and work with you and your attorney to arrive at the most cost-effective way to provide the services needed. Our fees are generally quoted up-front, so you know what you can realistically expect your cost to be based on your specific set of circumstances.

Our services include:
  • Business valuations for the purpose of marital dissolution (for both litigation and collaborative cases)
  • Pension and Social Security valuation
  • Calculations of community vs. separate property interests (tracing engagements)
  • Financial Neutral in the Collaborative Law Enviornment
  • Assistance with pre-trial and trial issues
  • Data Analysis
  • Rebuttal of opposing expert testimony and cross-examination questions (critique engagements)
  • Assistance with settlement negotiations