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Litigation Consulting

Litigation Consulting

In today's world of increasingly complex litigation processes, it helps to have the support of a professional. 

Our valuation and litigation firm provides expert witness services. We also provide consultations on the most effective documents to use, important questions to ask the opposition, qualified witness testimony, and rebuttal of oppositional testimony. Outsourced litigation support services from StoneBridge Valuation, LLC provides professional, experienced assistance for your pre-trial agenda.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation or to inquire about litigation consulting. 

Why Choose StoneBridge Valuation, LLC?

Brianne Tyler, our founder and owner, critiques other expert’s valuations to determine that no documents have been duplicated during the litigation process and to ascertain their accuracy. From providing cross-examination questions for the attorney when they’re deposing other experts, to providing another perspective on pretrial issues, we offer a professional approach. 

Our Services include:

- Pension and Social Security Valuation
- Business Interruption Claim Calculations (Economic Damages)
- Accounting for Estate and Probate Disputes
- Shareholder Disputes

Personal Litigation Support 

StoneBridge Valuation, LLC understands how overwhelming martial dissolution cases or estate disputes can be. We take care of the numbers, creating professional distance for the parties involved, and ensure the values are independently backed by numbers alone. Our goal is to thoroughly analyze the financial implications of divorce settlements and determining a fair settlement.  

Business Litigation Support 

Our firm provides expert litigation consulting so our clients don’t have to worry about the analysis of financial documents and data. We take a look at a variety of modes, from industry standard practice to damage estimates, in order to develop an independent opinion. Allow us to provide quantitative analysis, delving thoroughly into all documents, to better assist you when preparing for a case.  

Expert Testimony 

StoneBridge Valuation, LLC also assists in expert testimony for state and federal courts. With our specialty as a valuation expert and experience being called on as experts, we can testify in your case. We provide independent and reliable reports and, as a key member of your team, we can be brought in to testify in court. 

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StoneBridge Valuation, LLC provides litigation support to ensure managed documents and expert witness testimony for a successful trial. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. We proudly provide business valuation and litigation consulting services in your area.