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Business Valuation

Business Valuation Services

At StoneBridge Valuation, LLC, firm owner, Brianne Tyler has the expertise needed for dependable business valuation services in all areas. Valuation is necessary when bringing on a new shareholder, expanding the company, or transitioning ownership. No matter the reason for seeking a business valuation, we have the qualifications necessary for a valuation opinion. 

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Why Choose StoneBridge Valuation, LLC?

Business valuation impacts the outcome of various propositions. Getting the right valuation involves consideration of an array of variables that establishes your company’s worth, which is why it’s important to seek the assistance of a qualified accounting professional. Brianne Tyler is diligent and organized in her collaboration with clients. She performs valuation steps with an unbiased eye, melding intuitive client service with a passion for excellence. 

We provide a range of valuations, including:

- Gift and Estate Tax Discount Appraisals

- Litigation Support Appraisals

- Transaction Appraisals

- Divorce Financial Services

- Shareholder Agreement Analysis

- Succession Planning

We take the time to understand your business and aspects that impact its value.  Although valuation is not an exact science, it takes into account specific assets, income, and market traction to determine financial wellbeing and worth. Business valuation with StoneBridge Valuation, LLC helps identify all assets, such as company materials and programs that may not be considered without trusted outside assistance. 

Our accredited team uses experienced judgment to determine your place within the market. Through valuation services, you can get the most out of the sale or merger of your business. Whether you’re looking to expand your enterprise by reevaluating an existing strategy or draw in investors, we ensure you get a report backed by fully documented support. 

Expert Business Valuation Services

It’s important to take the appropriate steps to ensure an independent valuation outcome. The process begins with gathering necessary financial information, and further analysis of these financial statements to create a basis of follow-up questions. Our goal is to understand your business, top to bottom. A valuation, applied using a variety of approaches, is conducted to determine an accurate value. Brianne Tyler produces a report that discusses the outcome, with ample evidence to support this opinion. 

Our firm provides business valuation services in conjunction with litigation consulting and has the experience to testify in trial if needed. 

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Whether you’re in need of valuation for divorce proceedings or for a shareholder dispute, StoneBridge Valuation, LLC provides business valuation services in your area. We are your source for dedicated, organized expertise. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.